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Code Programme Title Level Webpage
CR335 Biological Sciences (Common Entry) 8 Link
CR320 Biomedical Science 8 Link
CR325 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 8 Link
CR333 Nutrition and Health Science 8 Link
CR370 Agri-Biosciences 8 Link
CR006 Applied Biosciences 7 Link
Code Programme Title Level Webpage
CR305 Physical Sciences (Common Entry) 8 Link
CR340 Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance 8 Link
CR360 Instrument Engineering 8 Link
CR365 Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology 8 Link
CR300 Physical Sciences (Common Entry) 7 Link
CR001 Applied Physics and Instrumentation 7 Link
CR007 Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 7 Link
Code Programme Title Level Webpage
CR106 Software Development 8 Link
CR116 Computer Systems 8 Link
CR310 IT Management 8 Link
CR016 Software Development 7 Link
CR888 Information Technology 7 Link